Friday, June 10, 2011

Tony Awards Drinking Game

The editors at have come up with what is possibly the funniest drinking game I have ever heard of. Here it is in all it's glory. Just remember ... drink responsibly!

Non-Broadway-Related Jokes
• Take a sip if someone mentions Alec Baldwin running for mayor.
• Drink if you hear the name Anthony Weiner.
• Chug if anyone alludes to tweeting their junk.

Camera Angles
• Gratuitous shot of How to Succeed star Daniel Radcliffe? Drink!
• If one half of a couple is on stage and the audience reaction shot is the other crying, chug! (Couples include but are not restricted to Laura Benanti and Steven Pasquale, Sutton Foster and Bobby Cannavale, Norbert Leo Butz and Michelle Federer, Trey Parker and Matt Stone—not a couple but valid for our purposes.)
• Did someone just look fake-shocked at those raunchy Book of Mormon jokes? Bottoms up!

Good Sports
• Take a shot if you see any of these non-nominees smiling like they are “just happy to celebrate Broadway”: Aaron Tveit, Daniel Radcliffe, Ben Stiller, John Leguizamo or Robin Williams.
• Chug if The Motherf**ker With the Hat’s Chris Rock starts trending on Twitter.

Insider Dish
• Did someone ask who the hell Kim Kardashian is? Drink! Was it Edie Falco asking? Drink again!
• Is Jerusalem star Mark Rylance spouting poetry? Chug!
• Did someone just say the word "Zarkana"? Pour yourself another glass!

• Obvious Jokes
• Is that Neil Patrick Harris in a dress a la Priscilla… or (eek!) The Importance of Being Earnest? Time for a shot!
• If you hear jokes about any of the following: boy wizards, tiger blood, sister wives, the word motherf**ker or Spider-Man, you know what to do: drink and rise above!

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