Thursday, June 9, 2011

Labor Dispute at the Tony's

The show is only a few days away but there is already a potential labor dispute brewing for the Tony Awards presentation on Sunday. The dispute centers around the use of union labor on the red carpet portion of the ceremonies. Given that the awards show will be at the Beacon Theatre, a much smaller venue than the show's usual home at Radio City Music Hall, the red carpet section of the show will be held across the street from the theater. Since that space is not part of the Beacon Theatre's property, it is not covered by the same requirements for the use of union labor. In other words, for that space, producers of the Tony Awards are not required to use union labor (though they certainly may if they choose to), even though the awards show's producers MUST use union labor for everything on Beacon Theatre property. This has sparked concern for local one, the stagehands union. For further information, check out the article below from

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