Monday, April 26, 2010

Promises, Promises

The starry Broadway revival of Promises, Promises opened last night at the Broadway Theatre and the reviews are decidedly mixed.  According to what I've read, Sean Hayes was relatively well received as a revelation in his acting, but not his singing, Kristin Chenoweth, a Broadway favorite, did a passable job, but one that was entirely wrong for the role, and Dick Latessa, a charactor actor who seemed a great fit for the part, just can't seem to sell the show in the way that Rob Ashford (who both directed and choreographed this production) wanted.  In addition, while the first act is weak, the second is (again, according to what I've read) a joy.  The direction is mixed, but the choreography is wonderful (as can be expected from Ashford of Thoroughly Modern Millie and Cry Baby fame).  I'm pretty strongly considering the show for a choreography nomination and potentially some design nominations, especially given many people having connected to the revival's timing as being influenced by TV's Mad Men (to which I must admit I'm slightly addicted).  Well ... we shall see.  Four more shows to open before the season officially ends and plenty of reviews to come before May 4th.

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