Friday, April 30, 2010

Everyday Rapture

The final entry in the 2009-2010 Broadway season has opened and it is Sherie Rene Scott's semi-autobiographical musical, Everyday Rapture.  The off-Broadway production, based on a 2008 benegit show Sherie did for the Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative called You May Now Worship Me, opened in 2009 and was so (if you'll excuse the pun) rapturously received that buzz immediately began around the topic of when the show would come to Broadway -- a process about which the New York Times recently reported.  Well, by sheer luck (for Miss Scott, anyhow, at the cost of Megan Mullally and the rest of the Lips Together, Teeth Apart revival that never ended up materializing) the show finally made the jump and is finally here and the reviews are just as gloriously rapturous as before ... a big feat for Ms. Scott and the rest of the show's team who were praised for maintaining the show's intimacy and charm in a much bigger theater.  As for the chances this show has come Tony time, I am waiting on a ruling from the Tony Administration Committee (their final meeting is happening at some point today) as to weather the show qualifies as a musical or as a special event.  If the latter comes to pass, the show will not be eligible for any nominations.  If the show is deemed a musical, then Ms. Scott has a 90% chance of scoring a best actress nomination, and the show overall is decently likely to get nominated for best musical and best orchestrations.

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