Thursday, April 12, 2012

Magic/Bird Opens on Broadway

The Broadway production of Magic/Bird has opened on Broadway and the reviews are in.  The team behind this show is the same one that brought us Lombardi a few years back and they seem not to have improved on their formula and, from the reviews, may even have lowered the bar.  The play does not have any of the excitement that the real Magic/Bird rivalry had 30 years ago, nor does much of the action that made the original rivalry so hot among fans appear on stage.  It seems that the things that made fans so interested -- the action on court -- did not make it to the stage, nor is there any way it could have without the two men themselves.  Ultimately, the men come across as rather square -- which maybe they are in real life -- because of this.  The ironic thing is that, in real life, the two men -- though they did meet a few times -- never really spent much time together, but when they did, it was time of mutual respect.  The only rivalry they had was on the basketball court and in the minds of their fans -- not the makings of a great drama.

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