Thursday, April 19, 2012

Audience Award

An idea came to me today.  With all the award ceremonies that are starting to happen these days, why not create one of our own.  With all the politicking that goes into the major awards, including the fact that closed shows tend to get forgotten or popular stars getting nominated or winning over theater folk who deserve to get recognition, I decided to create my own audience award.  This year, I want you to nominate your favorite performers, designers, directors, productions, et. cetera using the Tony categories as a guide for what aspects of a show you can nominate.  The top 5 people you list for each category will be nominees from which I will pick a winner based on your feedback.  If fewer than five people get nominated in a category, I will fill in the remaining nominees with choices of my own.  Nominate someone today by leaving comments below.  You can use the list of shows that I posted back in September as a guide for what shows are eligible (check that out at this link and can get a list of categories at this link (

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