Friday, March 12, 2010

Next Fall

Next Fall, a new play by Geoffrey Nauffts, opened last night at the Helen Hayes Theatre on Broadway.  While I had previously not really considered the play much of a contender for anything, Ben Brantley of The New York Times and David Rooney of Variety gave the show such strong reviews that I am reconsidering my nomination predictions.  Based on the reviews, I am relatively likely to add this show to my list for Best Play and Director, and am thinking about adding Patrick Breen into the lead actor mix.  Patrick Heusinger, another actor in the show, may also sneak into the featured actor category, though if the Tony committee decides to deem his performance "featured" instead of "lead", I don't think he'll make the cut.  Also, the fact that the show's set and lighting designs were even mentioned in the review is surprising enough for me to consider them, but that they were praised is even BETTER for them.  Back to the drawing board I go to see how this changes the game!

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