Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Truth and Fiction Behind 'Evita'

Playbill.com has posted an article about the truth and fiction in the musical Evita. Michael Luongo, who wrote the artice, looked at three questions: What is the Casa Rosada? Who really was Augustín Magaldi? And what ever happened to Eva's body? I have posted a link to Luongo's article below, but will give you brief answers to the above questions here. The Casa Rosada is Argentina's Presidential Palace, but the Argentine president does not live there.  Augustín Magaldi was a tango singer in Argentina who probably never knew Evita.  And, as for Evita's body? It was moved or raided so many times in a story so fantastic that it deserves to me made into a megamusical. Oh wait.  It was.


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