Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Theater Switching

Catch Me If You Can hasn't even landed on Broadway yet and it's already changing the landscape.  The show is supposed to move into the Neil Simon Theatre, where the Beatles-themed concert Rain is currently playing, in early March.  Rain was supposed to end its run in plenty of time to move out before Catch Me If You Can could move in but, given the success it's having, its producers would like to move it to another theater to extend that run.  You may be wondering at this point, "And where, exactly, are they intending to move the show?"  Well, the answer is the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, of course.  The only thing is that that theater is currently occupied by Rock of Ages.  So, the producers of that show are moving it to the Helen Hayes Theatre, where Colin Quinn's one man show is currently running.  Fortunately, as it sits now, that show will be ending its run in time for the moves to take place without any further hitch but, in this industry, who knows what will really happen.

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