Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Audience Opens

The new play The Audience, starring Helen Mirren, has opened on Broadway.  The play, about Queen Elizabeth II and several imagined meetings between her and several of the 12 Prime Ministers in power during her reign, opened on Sunday night and the reviews are in.

The reviews were mixed-to-positive.  Many of the reviews commented that Ms. Mirren's central performance was a strong one.  The writing itself, however, got much more mixed results.  Some critics  did not really discuss their opinions on the quality of the writing, merely summarizing the relevant parts of the story.  Others, however, were downright critical of the structure, flow, and dialogue (and I would say rightly so).  This is one of the few plays I've seen where the second act is significantly more entertaining than the first.  Of note in this production, of all things, are the costumes and sets.  These, along with Helen Mirren, are likely to get Tony nominations -- and the costumes may well win.

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