Friday, October 24, 2014

Disgraced Opens on Broadway

A new play has opened on Broadway with quite a pedigree to its name.  Disgraced opened last night at the Lyceum Theatre after a 2012 production off-Broadway at Lincoln Center followed by a 2013 London production.  The play won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama in its original incarnation and is now making its debut on the Main Stem.  The play, by Ayad Akhtar, is about a Muslim lawyer who has tried to hide from his faith but who may no longer be able to hide when his reputation is put on the line after he takes on a high profile client.

The reviews are in and they are both strong and positive.  The writing is said to have some minor flaws, but none that are at all significant enough to interfere.  Kimberly Senior's direction is taut, and the production generally terrific.  Three of the actors were particularly cited for their performances -- leading man Hari Dhillon, Karen Pittman (the only one to transfer with the show from a previous production of the play), and Josh Radnor (from television's How I Met Your Mother).

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