Monday, February 20, 2012

This and That

There are a number of articles today to which I wanted to bring your attention, and I will be putting them all in this post. The first is an article from The New York Times about Margaret Edson, who wrote the play W;t, which is currently in revival on Broadway. The play is a drama about a professor's battle with cancer and is based on Edson's own experience in a hospital. The article talks about Edson's life now and why W;t is her only play -- her preference for "the theater of the classroom."

The second article is about the rise and fall in the number of roles for Asian actors on Broadway, with both Chinglish and Outside People having appeared on New York stages this year.

The last article is about Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's return to Broadway with Evita and his thoughts on having been "unemployed" for the past few months.

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