Monday, May 23, 2011

Theater and Opera ... Different Worlds, Right?

The world of Broadway and the world of Opera are entirely different places, right? I mean ... Leonard Bernstein's Candide seems to jump back and forth between Broadway houses and Opera houses, but it was written to do that. Now, though, the worlds may be more similar than you think.

For example, think about the question Charles Isherwood asked in a New York Times article from the other day. "Which New York stage production from the season just past was notable for its huge expense, its technical problems and its chilly reception?" The article, Spidey Syndrome Invades the Opera, says that the obvious answer of late would be Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, having burned through $70 million and firing many of the initial creative staff, including original director, Julie Taymor, and the original book writers (including Taymor). But, not far away from the theater where Spidey has taken up residence is the Metropolitan Opera, where Robert Lepage is presenting his production of Wagner's Ring Cycle.

The overlap between the two? According to Isherwood, "two large-scaled, highly anticipated shows helmed by acclaimed theater directors with international reputations, both of whom were handed fat checks to realize their visions." Check out the New York Times article for more overlap between the two worlds.

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