Friday, October 1, 2010

Stars Invading Broadway

Broadway is a famously expensive, economically tricky place.  That is why, often, star casting has been such a major presence on the Great White Way.  But, in terms of a show's longevity, star casting can actually do more harm than good.  Without stars, some shows just die.  The Producers is a great case in point.  Once Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick left the show, audience interest in the show left with them.  There are other shows that don't even try to continue after their star leaves the production.  The Boy From Oz suffered this fate a few years back after the departure of Huge Jackman, and the current revival of Promises, Promises will have a similar fate when, after Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes' contracts expire, the show will close.

There is a great article expanding on this theme in the New York Times today.  The link is:

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