Saturday, September 11, 2010

Captain America, Batman, Silver Surfer, and ... Bono?

It would seem that Bono, Grammy Award winning lead singer of the Irish rock band U2, is a superhero.  At least, that's what an article on says.  Here's the text of Michael Mellini's Is Bono a Superhero?  Spiderp-Man Stars Think So.

Could Grammy-winning rock star (and now Broadway composer) Bono have a secret life as a superhero? “Bono practically is Spider-Man,” says Patrick Page, who plays Green Goblin in the upcoming musical Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark, which Bono wrote with U2 bandmate The Edge.

"[Central character] Peter Parker is a kid with extraordinary powers and celebrity who finds all that comes with responsibility, and that’s what happened to Bono," Page told after Spider-Man debuted a song on Good Morning America on September 10. "He became a sensation, cameras began to follow him, and he had to ask himself what he was going to do with all that.” Thus, the superhero connection. The rock star's reputation is all about doing good; he is known for his philanthropy, including promoting humanitarian efforts in world hot spots, AIDS awareness and even winning the Man of Peace Prize.

Tony-winning director Julie Taymor agrees that the superstar has superhero tendencies. “There’s a world out there we’re responsible for taking care of and Bono has certainly operated his life that way.” She went on to explain that one of her favorite songs from the show, “Rise Above,” stemmed from Bono's desire to rise above the banality of every day life.

Reeve Carney, who plays the title character, didn't weigh in on whether Bono is actually a superhero, but he did talk about playing one. “I feel pressure that I have to live up to people's expectations, but I don’t want to play this part like anybody else has,” he says of the iconic web-slinger. As the lead singer of a rock band himself, Carney also noted that he is thrilled to be performing Bono’s music. “Bono and I sing in similar registers, so it was like the songs were written for my voice. It’s awesome.” Carney also revealed he won’t actually sing as the masked superhero, only as the undisguised Parker.

With Bono's talent, stardom and good will, audiences are eager to see the show soar. Carney said they won't be disappointed. “The sets are out of control. I would pay to see the show even if there were no actors,” he gushed. Spidey’s super powers won’t however be limited due to the confinement of the stage. “Everybody’s going to be up in the air, but you’ve never seen flying like this before,” said Page. “I walked into the theater the other day and somebody came zooming right over my head and I just screamed!” Nine actors will don the Spidey suit in order to manage the difficult flight operations. “The audience is going to just scream their heads off,” said Page.

Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark begins performances on November 14 and opens on December 21 at Broadway's Foxwoods Theatre.

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